Thursday, March 26, 2020

Problem Zippyshare

There's some worldwide problems with Zippyshare. It's seems that files starting with 104 are not working but the rest are OK. I have access to my Zippy account but not everything working OK. At this moment I can't upload my files. So now I'm looking for a free alternative which is similar to Zippyshare. It means that I'll wait a couple of days before I can post.

Update 4.15 PM: Now seems everything OK. At this moment I can upload files. This was a short-term Zippy problem!!


  1. Sorry to hear that. Good luck and thanks for your shares!

  2. Hello,
    Zippyshare problems are yet solved.
    Thanks for your web site

  3. mega es el mejor y ficcher !!!!!

  4. I upload to Mediafire & Mega both free accounts.

  5. Thank you for keeping the site going. It's superb.